Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Dublin's fair city...

...Where the boutique hotels are all pretty!

"Alive alive oh!"  We're in Dublin!
So incredibly excited to be in Ireland - my Motherland!
For the first 2 nights, we're staying at a lovely, little boutique hotel
we found on Jetsetter ~ The Hampton Hotel:

Better watch out ~ This bathroom looks like a baby-maker.

Isn't that wallpaper fab?!  Total Alice in Wonderland.

Perhaps on this go 'round, we will hit up:

Kilmainham Gaol
(the Alcatraz of the Emerald Aisle - spooky.)

Dublin Castle

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Oscar Wilde's House & Gardens
(for a little life inspiration)!

We'll save the partying downtown
when we return to Dublin in ~ 10 days for our final hoorah! ;)

 ~photos via wikipedia & hampton hotel~

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