Saturday, June 11, 2011

British doings

Not sure what we're doing exactly on this day and time.
When we travel, we can't do it rigidly.  Spontaneity is key!
(Besides who knows if Mother Nature or your bodies will feel like doing what you planned weeks ago.)

But, here are some of Alex's trip goals,
which we may be partaking in as you read:

British Museum
He could probably spend an entire day perusing, but I can do with a few hours.
I'm particularly interested in the Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta stone!
(Note:  Models in photo are NOT to scale. I am MUCH shorter than my man. ;))

Westminster Abbey
(Eeeee!! Royal Wedding re-lived! Do you think they'll let me walk down the aisle?)

Buckingham Palace
(Yes, please.  You can call me Queen B for the day.)

Piccadilly Circus
(Turns out this is not really a circus,
but rather the British equivalent of Times Square.)

Big Ben
(What's to say?  It's a giant clock. Albeit world-renowned.
Obligatory photo-op.)

London Tower
(Pretty sure Anne Boleyn lost her head in here.)

London Bridge
(Maybe we can convince a stranger to play the game with us?)

...perhaps this can be viewed as we
boat along the Thames, en route to Greenwich
(Alex is obsessed with GMT)

Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station
(Okay, maybe this is on my to-do list, too!  We are Muggles after all.)

My must-do's tomorrow...

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