Friday, June 3, 2011

"Maybe I can whittle wood with you sometime, cool buddy?"

Anyone else remember that scene from "Son-in-Law?"
(P.S.  What's up with that gait? Is he turtling?! Ew.)

How 'bout this one?

Who knew "Steven Tyler PJ's" = leopard onesie?
Whatever happened to Pauly Shore anyway?
This movie was right up there with Drop Dead Fred.
Oh, random 90's movies we never tired of as kids...
Speaking of wood,
How cute is this wooden ribbon necklace from Anthropologie?!?

I just LOVE it.
But it is a tad pricey.
(as to be expected)

I sort of want to attempt a little DIY project and recreate it myself.
It might involve a power tool or two, which makes it even that much more exciting.
I will keep you posted on that venture. ;)

~photo via anthropologie~

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