Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get well wishes

Cheerio, London!

Today, we are headed from London to Dublin.

More importantly, this is the only  day I wish I were at home...
because my dearest mum is having major foot surgery!!
(if she actually goes through with it!)

She is in our thoughts and prayers today.
I wish her the best of luck (and good pain meds),
and one speedy recovery!!
My dad and brother better wait on her hand and foot.
(pun intended)
Hopefully she enjoys the care package we sent her -
full of good movies, books, and the latest issues of her new fave - Country Living!

(If you are reading this and know her, please give her a call or send her a card - she has to sit in the house with her foot elevated for FOUR whole weeks and I know she'd appreciate the company!)

Love you!

~via SayingImages~

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