Sunday, June 12, 2011

More London lovelies

Here are some things on my list:
You will note that, for the most part,
my favorite way to experience another culture
is to eat and drink my way through it.

That, and to avoid anything that involves tourists.
(Even though I am one.)
When I see those polo-wearing cruise guides,
with microphones, holding up their signs? I want to slap them silly!

Afternoon Tea
(The fancier the better.  Think: The Ritz or The Dorchester.
Pinkies out, ridiculous hats, and finger foods on silver platters, please.)

Portobello Market in Notting Hill
(Early Saturday morning to scoop snacks, antiques, and local jewelry/art,
stopping in cafes and pubs along the way.)

Hyde Park
(Picnic lunch after rowboating on The Serpentine, weather-permitting.)

The Eye on the South Bank
(Glorified, scenic ferris wheel for adults.)

Indian Food
(Supposedly some of the best in the world.
Plus, it can serve as a colonic cleanse before we head to the Emerald Isle
and drink our weight in beer.)

(Not exactly London and I'm still up in the air about this one.
4 hrs on a bus to see a pile of rocks??  Hmmm...
If not, I guess there's always "next time".)

Wish you were here!

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