Sunday, June 19, 2011

Galway girl

"...So I took her hand, and I gave it a twirl,
And I lost my heart to a Galway Girl..."

If you didn't know this song before,
you probably definitely listened to it a few times
after watching the heart-wrenching P.S. I Love You movie.
It seems a fitting start to this post because today
we are driving from Doolin to Galway,
"the cultural heart of Ireland",
which is just south of where the Walsh family hails from - County Mayo!

We are staying for one night at the Galway Bay Hotel:

It's right along the beach (yes, there are beaches in Ireland)
on Salthill Promenade
overlooking the scenic Galway Bay.

Galway was recently named one of the world's "eight sexiest cities."
I can't fathom why this would be?
They do speak some Gaelic here, though that is not too sexy-sounding.
Sexy = speaking English in an Irish accent.
They should stick with that.  Example: Colin Farrell.
To me, the Gaelic dialect kinda sounds like a Middle Eastern language,
but spoken in a Midwestern accent.
I don't know much Gaelic, but I do know how to say "Cheers!"


I will be popular in the pubs.
What more could you possibly want or need to know? ;)

Hoping to do a little shopping in addition to enjoying the bay views!

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