Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over in Killarney

Bring on the greenest of the green!

After successfully driving from Dublin
(Lord, help us!)
we will be checking into the Loch Lein Country House
in Killarney, located within the famously beautiful Ring of Kerry.

Thank you, Trip Advisor!

This stop got substituted in for Dingle, rather last minute.
While I would still LOVE to visit sweet, little, seaside Dingle,

I realized that we'd be seeing enough coastal Ireland in Doolin and Galway.
So off to Killarney it is!
In all its prime mountain green gloriousness.

Gap of Dunloe

National State Park and Lakes

And now, when we listen to "Christmas in Killarney"
(a "must" on all my holiday playlists)
We can say to each other, "Oh, we've been there."
Happy Toe-Tapping!

"It's nice, you know, to kiss your beau..."


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  1. Nice pics,Killarney is a refreshingly unspoiled destination for travellers seeking an escape from the crowded city. Visit for an authentic country experience.