Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide ~ The Manly Man

Oh, what to get the man/men in your life.
(Because I can guarantee they didn't provide you with a list.)
Bonus:  If you're lucky like me,
your main man also has a birthday in close proximity to Christmas,
making it extra hard to come up with good ideas come December.

But don't you worry ladies, I got you covered.
From your significant other to your dad to your brother 
(and any other testosterone-ladden friend in between.)

Ready? Go...

For the whiskey drinker.
Whistle Pig Rye
10-year old, 100% Vermont Rye.
He'll want to drink this straight up.
$65 {HERE}

For the gin & tonic drinker.
Southern Artisan Spirits Cardinal Gin
$30 {HERE}

For the groomer.
Kiehl's Facial Fuel
(If my huzz's rave review isn't enough,
GQ tells me even Justin Timblerake is a fan.)
$8-30 {HERE}

For your bearded man.
Jack Black Beard Lube
$16 {HERE}

For Mr. Fix-It.
"The Art of Fixing Things"
$11 {HERE}

For brothers-in-laws (and just about anyone else who lives for the weekend.)
" The NY Times 36 Hours:  150 Weekend in the USA and Canada"
$50 {HERE}

For the mixologist.
Bittercute bitters.
$52 for a variety pack {HERE}

And a set of Tovolo ice spheres.
Melts slowly and evenly, so your drinks don't get watered down.
(Plus, they just look cool.)
$12 for a pair {HERE}

For the jetsetter.
Way better than any hotel toiletries.
$30 {HERE}

And a fun "scratch map" to record all his travels...
$17 {HERE}

For the sports fanatic.
Baseball bat bottle openers!
$85-125 {HERE}

For the outdoors man.
Warm, wooly hiking socks.
So popular, they sell out quick!
$19.95 {HERE}

For the comedian.
$22.95 {HERE}

For the bad ass brotha.
Sons of Anarchy, Seasons 1-4 Box Set
$44.99 {HERE}

For the army buff (or wannabe army buff).
Herschel Supply Novel Duffle Bag
$80 {HERE}

For the music lover / techy geek
Sonos Play 3
Supposedly one of the best sounding,
most streamlined wireless music systems on the market.
$299 {HERE}

For the thrill seeker.
He read 749 creep tales at the British Museum Library before selecting the 14 that comprise this anthology.
(And who doesn't love Roald Dahl?!)
$12 {HERE}

For the dad who thinks he's James Bond.
(Or maybe that's just mine??)
$19 {HERE}

Well, that's all I've got for you now, my lovelies.
(Hey, a girl can't give away all her secrets!)

But if that isn't enough for you, check out last year's Gift Guide for Men.
Happy shopping!

~images via links above~

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