Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: The Man in Your Life

With Christmas just over 10 days away,
I figured it's high time I bring you
Breezy's 2011 Holiday Gift Guides.

And because if you're like me, you still haven't bought one damn thing.

Installment 1:  The Man/Men in Your Life.
Husbands, boyf's, brothers, dads, friends, etc.
They are all hard to shop for, it's true.
They typically fall into the following categories:
(Come to think of it, my husband pretty much falls into all  of these categories.  Hmmm...)

1.  They are super picky and prefer to shop for most things on their own.
Knowing this, you will request a list.  Not surprisingly, you will not receive one until 12/24 after all stores have closed.

2.  The unrealistic list provider.
"I'm sure you'd love that 84" flatscreen, honey,
but that kind of money sure as shit does not grow on my Christmas tree."

3.  The sweet "you don't have to get me anything this year" kind of guy.
Bullshit.  I want  to get you something because it's Christmas & I love you!  So why don't you make my life easier & just tell me what that "something" might be!

I'm sure many of you can relate.
Thus, I will provide you with some surefire hits to brighten any man's holiday.

Whiskey Stones + Nice bottle of Whiskey or Bourbon

And if your man is really a cocktail connoisseur,
why not include some interesting bitters or a cocktail recipe book?
(Along with the ingredients to make, say, a proper Old Fashioned...such as fine sugar, brandied cherries, and a muddler.)

Don't forget some fun yet manly high ball or martini glasses.
He will probably be so excited that he will make himself a drink right then and there and invite friends over to show off his collection/bartending skills.
And you? Instant winner.

If hard alcohol isn't his bag,
buy a six-pack (or two) of his favorite beer...or branch out and try something local/seasonal.  I recommend "Left Hand Milk Stout" out of Colorado:

Fleece-lined moccasin slippers.
It is cold and these babies are sure to keep any tootsies warm.  In style.
{HERE} via J. Crew

Or, how about these UGG Ascots?
{HERE} via Bloomingdales

If he is a sports fanatic,
get him something unique (a.k.a. something that isn't mass produced).
Ebay and thrift stores, like Savers, can be a gold mine for one-of-a-kind finds.
Another example:
Custom Stadium Cufflinks from Shea Stadium.
Or, great tickets to a game.
(Craigslist and StubHub will be great resources for good seats.)

The same could be said for tickets to see his favorite band in concert.

I mean, come on.  What man wouldn't love this?
Mine already has a subscription (he likes the "articles"),
but how about "the issue" from the month and year of his birth?
Yes, please.

Workin' on his fitness.
What man doesn't love gadgets?
Here's a big one that allows him to do pull-ups in the doorway.
Just in time for those New Year's resolutions!
{HERE} via Dick's Sporting Goods

And this agility ladder was on my brother's list this year...
{HERE} via

Protein powder, Muscle Milk, and Men's Vitamins also fit into this category.
Can't fault a guy for wanting to look good!

Toiletries, cologne, & all things necessary for looking/feeling fresh.
Men do not like to shop for such things.
And they certainly do not like to spend their money on such things.
Yet they want to look good.
Enter: You.
You  need to keep these things current in his stock.

First up, face wash.
Here is what my huzz uses.  It leaves even the dirtiest face soft and smooth.
Here's a good starter size (to see if he likes it).
If he does, they also make shaving products, moisturizers, can purchase for V-Day.
{HERE} via Beauty Bar

Cologne can be tricky.
Here is the perfect solution.
Many sample sizes.  He tries them on.  Voucher for full-size in his favorite.
(Plus, with all these travel-size bottles, you are set for your next 20 vacations.)
{HERE} and {HERE} via Sephora

The bare necessities.

White tees

Nobody likes to buy this stuff for themselves.
You might as well splurge on the good stuff (think: cashmere socks)
and he will be appreciative all year through.

Vintage anything.
Skinny ties.
Sports apparel.
Cuff links.
You name it.

Ebay is your friend.
So are Goodwill, Savers, & St. Vincent De Paul.

Satisfy his sweet tooth.
Say, with Salted Bourbon Caramels
{HERE} via Snake & Butterfly

Ignite his inner-child.
After attending a local holiday lunch benefit for inner-city youth,
(and getting our little guy an electronic helicopter),
I think my husband wants one now, too.
{HERE} via Radio Shack

After all, it's not really Christmas morning unless you've got something to assemble and play with, right?

Pump up his jams.
What man wouldn't want to have Bose wireless speakers to blast his mp3's?
It will make parties and tailgates all the more fun.
{HERE} via Amazon

Now that I've shared all my secrets,
Happy Shopping!

~Images via Sur La Table, J Crew, Bloomingdales, Playboy, Dick's,, Beauty Bar, Sephora, Snake & Butterfly, Radio Shack~

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