Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm baaaaaa-aaaack!

I am a horrible blogger.
Two weeks have gone by sans "The Friday Five."
I know.
With holiday travel, 3 Thanksgivings (one we hosted),
another round of the MAJOR gastrointestinal shits/pukes,
a fourth ear infection for the babe,
shit has been bananas  in our household.

As Christmas and New Years rapidly approach,
it doesn't matter how organized I promise to be, 
I inevitably get frazzled and off-track.
There are halls to be decked and trees to be trimmed.
There are dozens of cards to address and envelopes to lick.
There are already piles of presents to wrap and cookies to be made.
Throw in being a new mommy and being back to work full-time,
I feel extra  crazed!!

Time to take an extra breath this weekend to re-group
and try to remember why, exactly, I do all this.
For me, it's about celebrating the last 12 months
and anticipating all the (hopefully) wonderful days to come in the new year.
It's about appreciating what you have and giving to those with less.
It's cherishing time with loved ones and fondly remembering those who are no longer here.
It's about continuing on family traditions and adopting new ones.
(Oh yeah, and it's also about all the butter and frosting and sprinkles.)

So don't worry, my lovely readers.
 I will be back next week with
a family favorite recipe from T-day,
this year's holiday gift guides,
lots of holiday inspiration,
an adorable baby update,
and one extra-fab Friday Five.

In the meantime, Happy December!
I'll send you off with a lovely holiday tune.

(Hey, November has come and's fair game.)

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