Monday, December 10, 2012

Recipe, schmecipe

My capacity for uploading high-quality camera photos is maxed,
and instead of trying to fix the problem in time for Monday's post,
I'm currently watching the Packers whoop it up on Detroit.

So for today's recipe,
I will share this one for Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese.
We made it last weekend and thought it was pretty good.
A football viewing staple!

And here's a little cell phone pictorial of this last weekend in food...

Sweet potato gnocchi with sage butter + Petite syrah 
(while watching Love Actually)
on Friday night.

Eggnog shakes from Kopp's on Saturday afternoon.

Homemade cheese fondoue + a New Glarus craft beer sampler
(while watching Badgers vs. Marquette basketball)
on Saturday night.

And some comforting, hearty pork chops with cranberries, apples, stuffing, and blistered balsamic bacon beans on Sunday...
all enjoyed in front of a glowing trimmed tree.

Gotta love weekends at home!

~photos by b~

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