Thursday, December 27, 2012

Le tired.

That's right, kiddo.
Crack mama with that whip!
No rest for the wicked, as my grandmother used to say.

While I'm secretly feeling like I need a vacation to recover from my "vacation",
I really did have a wonderful holiday.
Relaxing isn't a descriptor that immediately comes to mind,
but I am VERY grateful to have such a large, wonderful cohort
of family and friends to call my own!

We are back to the grind.
Yesterday felt like a Monday, but  thank you sweet Jesus  alas, it was Wednesday!
Albeit belated, here's a little D.I.Y. holiday gift idea for day care providers.
(We have 7 teachers to date. SEVEN!) 
This sweetie pie and I crafted them tonight...

You need:
Treat bags
"Extra" gum
Hershey kisses (or other festive holiday chocolates)
$5 gift card
Ribbon / Gift tags

Assemble and label as follows:

Thanks for taking "EXTRA" good care of me!
Love, Baby

...cheeky, eh?
In all seriousness,
who couldn't use gum + a gift certificate to a local grocery chain?
(Target or Starbucks could easily be swapped out.)
And what lady doesn't love a little chocolate?!
While it's not the $75 a piece that "Baby Talk" magazine suggests as an appropriate holiday gift for a daycare teacher, it is  cute and useful.  And after all, it's the thought that counts!

~image via pinterest / photos by b~

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