Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide ~ The Kiddos

I don't know about you, but when I think of Santa Claus + Christmas presents,
adorable little rosy-faced kiddos pop immediately into my head.
But what to get your nieces and nephews and grandchildren?
(Especially the ones with everything under the sun?)

Here are my suggestions...

A tee pee to call their own!
A perfect reading nook / hideaway.
$149 via Land of Nod

Bowling set!
My brother and I logged a lot of hours bowling in the basement hallway.
$59.99 via Land of Nod

Toy workbench!
For the little guy who wants to be just like daddy.
$99 via Land of Nod

Set of Classic Card Games
Because every child should know how to play Old Maid and Crazy 8's.
Not to mention family gaming could easily become a fun Christmas Eve tradition!
$6.99 via Amazon.com

For the little artiste...
My 10 year old self just swooned  over coloring sets like these.
Art Box, $79 via Land of Nod

Or, how about some Chalkboard Nesting Dolls?! Fun!
$14.95 via Land of Nod  

Or, these lovely Charley Harper coloring books.
$7.95 via Land of Nod

For the little musician...
Oh how I LOVED the percussion box!
(Just be sure to include a bottle of wine apology note for the parents.)
$29 via Land of Nod

For the little baker...
Watch out Kate Middleton...tea party, here she comes!
(Don't you just love imaginative play?)
$49 via Land of Nod

For the little smarty pants...
This Land is Your Land geographical puzzle,
complete with state facts!
(A similar puzzle with state capitols happened to be one of my faves growing up...learning via games = win win!)
$14.95 via Land of Nod

Don't forget Baby!
How about a giant giraffe for the nursery?
$179 via Land of Nod 

Or, the much-needed "Baby's First Christmas" collective ornament.
I absolutely adore this little circus elephant.
$14.95 via Hallmark

And just a few more fun little stocking stuffers,
all also from Land of Nod...

Food Face Plates!
(If making faces with your food = veggie consumption, why not?!)

Eric Carle Flashcards
Because it is never to early to learn your animals and letters.
(And along with holidays come long car trips.)

Always fun!

Happy Get-Your-Santa-On!

~images via Land of Nod, unless linked otherwise~

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