Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peplum...is it still in?

I am not one for trends.
I prefer "classic" looks that never seem to go out of style,
mostly because I hate spending boatloads of money
and then only wear something for "a" season.

Which brings our attention to the trend at hand - PEPLUM.
(We've discussed this earlier.)

It seems as though the trend of this flattering silhouette continues,
(probably because it is that - flattering)
as evidenced by this gorgeous navy sweater...

(Amazing  paired with that gold collar necklace!)

...as well as this tailored, white ensemble.

I tried a simple white peplum tank on at anthropologie the other day.
(Pardon my teets, they are still ginormous.  And my ratty hair.)

I was sort of feeling it.
I think it'd look fab over black OR colored pants,
even paired with a little blazer.
And I REALLY love the idea of this Tory Burch peplum sweater,
worn over a pencil skirt  - workplace appropriate!

But before I commit, I must find a cheaper-than-$80 (or $275!!) version.
F21 or H&M, can you help a sista out??

Peplum:  Is it a "do" or "don't" for you?

~images via 9to5Chic & thisisglamorous / pic by b / image via shopbop~

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