Friday, September 7, 2012

The Friday Five

Joshua Radin

Remember him? {HERE}.
How could you forget with such a tale like that?! ;)
He recently released his latest album with this title track:

I have to say, as much as love the female harmonies of days past,
I am feeling the bluegrass-jam session-y feel of his newest stuff!

Bib necklaces
When purchasing a "trendy" piece of jewelry,
like this bubble necklace from J. Crew,

I hate to spend the big bucks.
Enter:  Etsy
About $125 cheaper, and still cute and on trend!

"Baby Love" Cookbook
LOVE it.
I've made two super simple recipes for apple and butternut squash thus far,
with 4 more (pears, peas, peaches, & sweet potatoes) on deck!
So far, it passes the mom AND foodie seal for nutrition AND good taste!

(Blog post(s) regarding this topic to come soon!)

Trader Joe's Wasabi Mayo
The ultimate sandwich condiment.
The huzz requests it daily.
Tasty on roast beef, turkey, ham...even in tuna salad!
Try some, our taste buds urge you.

10 Things to Check Before Buying a New Home

I wouldn't have thought to taste the water!

And a few more links, just because I love ya...

I've been busy searching/organizing slow cooker meals for when I go back to work.
This site has some pretty good ones!

(I think I'm more of a "boutique" hotel girl myself.)

Top moves for six-pack abs.
(Hey, I'd settle for the return of just a two-pack of abs.)

This necklace length chart is SO helpful, especially for online ordering.

Have a great weekend!

~images via j.crew, etsy,, trader joe's and

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