Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good eats

What's a foodie to nosh on while in the Northwoods?
Well, let me tell you...

An aperitif of Wisconsin balsamic cheddar & Monterey Jack, cocoa-dusted almonds, and plum wine from Door County.  (The slightly sweet and vinegary wine paired a-mazingly with that balsamic cheddar.  Just sayin'.)

Steaks grilled by the Grill Master...

...paired with baked potatoes & beer cheese, spicy garlic Swiss chard, & a robust Spanish red.

Obligatory (and delicious) s'mores.

And just plain ol' roasted marshmallows.
(The huzz prefers his perfectly golden brown.  I like mine with a little crispy char!)

Garmisch's famous Bloody Mary.
(You know how I love it when they come with a beer chaser and side plate!)

(Views of Lake Namekagon from the Bierstube not too shabby either.)

Capital Brewery "Autumnal Fire" doppelbocks,
a.k.a. one of the best beers known to mankind...

...equally delicious paired with sweets from Tremblay's  - an annual "must"-stop since I was a little girl - AND mom's famous chili topped with cheddar and onions!
College football Saturday heaven!

Honey Wheat and Okotoberfest beers & chipotle grilled cheese with tomatoes (and broccoli rabe!) from the Angry Minnow Pub & Microbrewery in Hayward.

And last but not least...Banana Boats!
Let's consider this this week's recipe.

Here's what you do:
Slice bananas, still in their peels, but not all the way through.
Top each banana boat with a handful each of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips (or leftover chopped up Hershey's from your s'mores), one cut-up marshmallow, and crushed graham crackers.

You could also add (or substitute) handfuls of 
caramel bits and/or nuts, if PB ain't yo thang.

Wrap each nanner in foil and place either directly in your campfire coals/embers
or on top of a grill grate.
(If you are not fortunate enough to be enjoying this around a fire,
simply bake, uncovered, in your oven at 350 degrees for ~20-25 minutes.)

To serve this humble dessert,
scoop the melty banana-topping goodness over vanilla ice cream.
Top with more crushed graham crackers for extra crunch.
It's like a hot fudge/banana split, only kicked up a notch!
You can eat them plain, as is, though I HIGHLY recommend the ice cream route!

Four Banana Boats served six of us nicely.
(Sorry there are no photos to capture the finished product...
they disappeared into our bellies too quickly to capture!)

Happy {Cabin} Eatin'!

~photos by b~

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