Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall family fun

Fall is my favorite season.
To spend it with my family?
Words cannot describe.
Thus, I bring you:  The final installment of my vacation recollection.

Our little lumberjack, (adorned in a corduroy/puffy vest, flap hat, & boots!)
enjoyed taking everything in...

Annual fall art festival in downtown Hayward!
In addition to purchasing a beautiful sweater cape (?), I even got some Christmas shopping done ~ locally made vinegars, olive oils, and fruit butters!
(Note:  If you are in need of winter apparel, this is "the" place to go...figures since it snows from September through May!  Also "the" place to get your outdoors gear...from snow shoes to kayaks!)

Confession:  I hate these souvenir stores, but this one had a hilarious t-shirt.
It said:    "Did you fart today?  I did!"  
Shamefully true.

Lots of good, ol' Wisco beer.

Football in front of the fire.

Goodness gracious... the infamous 1,000 piece puzzle.

And some Catchphrase & LOTS of Bananagrams!

Visiting the resorts we frequented for 13 consecutive years growing up!

Admiring the Birkie winners.
(Note:  I have decided I want to do this cross country ski race.
Y'all better hold me to it!)

(Can you tell who was the center of attention all week?
Rightfully so.)

So warm and relaxing...


Why can't "real life" be so calm and peaceful??
But alas, we're back to the grind.
Thankfully, it is still fall, my favorite season.

And in that, I can take comfort!

~photos by b / image via pinterest~

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