Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sons of Anarchy

Did anyone watch the Season 5 premiere of Sons of Anarchy last night?!
I haven't been this stoked for a season premiere since God-knows-when.
Holy hot damn, I LOVE this show!

Seasons 1-4 replayed this summer,
and when my husband suggested we start watching them,
 I will admit, I was less-than-thrilled and very  skeptical.
Motorcycle clubs, gun violence, porn stars, cheating, drug cartels, huge tatts, prison going-on's, greasy hair, grizzly (mostly fat) men and their tough "old ladies", torture, and other general "bad ass-ness" isn't usually my thing, you know?

But, I agreed to watch.
And after 1-2 episodes, I was completely hooked!
Can you tell?

It is an hour (sometimes even an hour & a half!) of pure, gritty entertainment.
It is suspenseful.  Thrilling.
With an underlying love story to boot!

(Although I wasn't feeling their chemistry last night.)

Oh, and don't forget Peg Bundy as Gemma.
What a conniving b-.

Jax Teller, the main character, is kind of hot.
(In a dangerous bad boy, "if you could be with one person and be guaranteed not to contract any sort of infectious disease" kind of way.  The Eric Northman of SAMCRO, if you will.)

He's actually British. Throw an accent on him = Upgrade!

See what I mean?
I could do without the goatee and nappy hair, but let's not be so picky.
(But seriously, go back to your prison buzz cut and keep it trimmed, Jackie Boy.
My eyes beg you.)
I've come to expect at least one gratuitous, bare ass shot per episode,
either mid-sexual encounter or during an
"I just killed someone / got my ass kicked and need a shower" scene.
Por ejemplo, see {HERE}.
Sweet baby Jesus is right!!!

I had a dream I was cast as his love interest the other night.
Jeez, that gig would be just terrrrrrible, right? ;)  Ha!

For one of our Halloween costumes this year,
the hubbs and baby and I are going as
Jax Teller, Tara, & Baby Abel.
(SAMCRO - Milwaukee Chapter)

If you're not watching, do yourself a favor:
Rent/Netflix/illegally download Seasons 1-4 and then tune into the FX channel,
Tuesday nights.  {HERE}
This season's bound to be a doozie!

You can thank me later.

P.S.  The huzz and I may or may not play "air" guitar / ride "air" motorcycles
every time that bad ass theme song comes on.

~images via fx~

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