Friday, September 14, 2012

Five things

Mumford & album!
Listening, on repeat:

Head Scarfs
One of my favorite things to purchase at vintage stores!
Here's a fun way to wear 'em:
Wrap scarf around your head with the middle of if at the nape of your neck.
Twist the ends around each other once.
Wrap the scarf back down to the bottom of your head and tie a bow!

Rice cereal.
The new guidelines recommend exclusively breastfeeding until 6 months.
I am all for it!
Baby A turned 24 weeks on Monday,
and lately I've been noticing he's eating more often and never seems satiated.
Sooooo, we decided to introduce a little solid food and this brown rice cereal.

He LOVES the cereal.
(Especially mixed with smashed bananas or homemade purees!)
It takes some time to learn how to get your mouth around a spoon,
so I figured we'd start a little early.
And I figure how bad can organic brown rice with probiotics and DHA be?!
(Even though it's by the same old cook who was behind the 5-year-old breastfeeding kid/mom on that Time magazine cover.)  Hey, to each his own.  (I guess.)
You can get it for ~$4 per canister at Whole Foods!

Upcycled furniture.
Namely this gorgeous recycled wood table.
So rustic, unique, and incredibly beautiful!

Full of character indeed.
I would love a coffee table (or side table) made out of something similar.
Honey, you busy?  Shall we go foraging for lumber this weekend?

How to Channel Your Inner Parisienne
French women always come off so chic and classy, so who wouldn't want to get their inside scoop?!  I especially love their sage advice about relishing food & investing in wardrobe essentials.

And a few more fun links, just because...

Some great tips about painting your walls.

Adorable (albeit spendy) baby sleepers.

I would like one of these two-toned, cashmere, fly-away cardigans.

80 snacks under 100 calories.  (Suddenly, I'm hungry.)

I love Hilary's expression watching her hubby speak at the DNC.

This is creepy as hell yet made me LOL.

Have a great weekend, m'dears!

~images via pinterest, dr sears, the aphrodite chase, & 

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