Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short skirt and a..."bright" jacket

Not quite what the band Cake had in mind, but regardless... 

Bright spring trenches are where it's at, peeps!

Loving this bold blue (with fun gold buttons) + equally bold floral scarf.

And bright green anything screams that spring is here.
I am particularly digging this chic, tailored coat...

No need to splurge to look like a million bucks!
Fun finds can be found on the cheap at places like Old Navy and H&M.

Let's just continue to roll that beautiful bold jacket footage, shall we?
Okay, let's...

Will this be a trend upon which you jump aboard?

~images via truly x 2, 9to5chic, pinterest x 2, cupcakes&cashmere, & cup of jo~

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