Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Oh how I love what you bring to a space!

Light reflection.
Architectural interest.
You make rooms appear larger.
You give us vain people ample opportunity to make sure we're looking fresh.

Some of my favorites...

(P.S.  How great were those slouchy accent chairs?!)

I would never leave either of these delicious tubs.

You can find some pretty gorgeous mirrors at vintage and antique stores.
(Or, more reasonably priced at Home Goods!)

And don't be afraid to get crafty and tailor them to your aesthetic/needs.
All you need is a $3 can of spray paint and some creativity.


So bright and fun...wouldn't it look fab in a kids' playroom?!
Happy mirror shopping/renovating!

~images via decorpad & pinterest x 7~

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