Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy (spring) weekend!

Windows cracked open 
to let in the cool breezes & scent of fresh hyacinth,
as a few spring showers fall down onto the roof...

enjoying homemade pumpkin pancakes & cafe au laits,
under down blankets,
savoring the last few days as a family of two,
listening to this fitting tune on repeat:

And eventually having some fun "playing house" in the garden!

Lone daffodil in the gravel pit  soon-to-be veggie garden.  Cute!

In addition to what is already sprouting,
found out we can expect lilies, ferns, peonies, moon plants, & hostas - 
just to name a few!
(Hopefully with the help of Google I can develop a green thumb overnight.)

I have some extra herb seed packets (basil, cilantro, & rosemary)...
might as well throw them into the mix!
(That is, until I can be sure we are frost-free to plant my potted herbs and tomatoes.)

Gotta love surprise perennials!

Contemplating whether or not to get a fire pit for the upcoming warm nights??
(Is that a resounding "YES!" I hear?)
And dreaming about these gorgeous Viva Terra chairs for outdoor seating...

All the while feeling exactly like this:

"Feel the tide turning..."

Life is good.

~photos by b / image via viva terra & deana johnson photography~

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