Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nesting? Or spring cleaning?

Or, just plain un-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder?

Here's what I have been up to 10 days post-boards...

  • finished the nursery the day after the exam (pics to come soon)
  • scrubbed the windows (all 24 of them!)
  • organized my 5+ year collection of magazine recipe clippings
  • deep-cleaned the fridge & stove
  • scrubbed the showers
  • dusted all the nooks & crannies (including each individual blind)
  • assembled a grocery list for easy-to-make meals
  • stocked the pantry & freezer of items to make said easy-to-make meals
  • made several cookie doughs and one casserole (to freeze for easy baking) 
  • washed (and ironed) all baby clothes & linens
  • arranged baby clothes in closet according to age
  • sterilized all baby toys/teethers & milk storage containers
  • flipped and cleaned all mattresses
  • checked/changed batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • began baby scrapbook
  • packed mine and baby's hospital bags
  • wrote birthing plan
  • set up car seat and ordered additional base
  • researched and ordered digital SLR camera and video monitor (to spy on baby)
  • began organizing office/assembling some serious craft storage bins
  • dropped off all winter dry cleaning
  • arranged dermatology, eye, and dental appointments...for me and the huzz
  • performed mini-workouts daily (i.e. walking the 'hood, 10-minute arm routines, pelvic tilts, etc.)
  • filled out all possible NP license applications
  • updated resume
  • drafted requests for letters of rec for future job applications
  • prepared several advanced blog posts (for around the time the baby arrives)
  • picked out a couple weeknight date spots (read:  bars with fab outdoor patios + happy hours) where babies cannot go
  • stocked up on post-hospital mommy & daddy essentials (i.e. TP, laundry detergent, reading materials, wine)
  • scheduled a spa mani/pedi

What's up next, you ask?
Steam-mopping the floors and learning how to use the new camera, of course!

Here's a little pictorial of what's been done so far...

With enough canned beans, tomatoes, low-sodium/fat-free cream of condensed "whatever" soups, brown rice & pasta, and frozen veggies, fruits, chicken breasts & ground meats, there are LOTS of quick, easy, & relatively healthy meals possible.

Cheesy Chicken Penne
with Spinach, Mushrooms, & Sun-dried Tomatoes
One for tonight, one to freeze (in disposable bakeware) for easy baking (up to 3 months later)!  How great is that?!

And it's always nice to have a hot cookie only 10 minutes away!
(Especially for baby visitors!) :)
Mint Chocolate Chip & Cake Batter Sugar Cookies on deck.

And here's one of the Tracy Anderson 10-minute arm workouts.
(She's the one responsible for Madonna's and Gwyneth's rockin' guns.)
Warning:  If choreography is not your thing, this will be really tough to follow.
My advice?  Just pretend you are Pauly D on the Jersey Shore and you'll be fine.
"Gimme a beat!"

* Notes to self:
  1. I am aware that it is not recommended to stand on ladders and/or lift heavy objects when you are 38-ish weeks pregnant and do not make it a regular habit.  (Nor do I advise this for other preggo's.)  But sometimes when I get on a roll, I just can't help my OCD self.
  2. I would also not advise a full-body dermatology scan when you are 38 weeks with child.  While doing so at some point in time is certainly a healthy practice (I mean, how else would you know if you had a melanoma brewing in your b-hole?!), it was not good for the self-esteem to stand naked under fluorescent lighting while someone (and their assistant) scoured every square inch of my behemoth pale body.
  3. Likewise, do not do Tracy Anderson arms routine in the company of others.

However, it is  just generally good healthy practice to do some of these activities,
at least annually.  (They don't call it "spring cleaning" for no reason.)
Example:  Cleaning Mattresses.
If you don't know how to do it, see {HERE}.

(Hot damn, I love baking soda.)
If you suffer from asthma and/or seasonal allergies, this is a must!!
Indoor allergens are often the most serious culprits of your suffering.
Dust mites and molds, people, dust mites and molds.
I don't care how clean you are, your house and beds have them.
(Note: You could apply the same method to your furniture if they're slip covered.)

And functioning smoke detectors simply save lives.
Check yours today.

My question to you...

Does the above list equate to nesting?
Or, for those of you who know me, is this just my regular "final exam is done, time to get shit done I've been putting off " cleaning and organizing regime?
Who knows.

But considering I'm already dilated and effaced,
I'm guessing a little nesting and "you better hurry up and get your ducks in a row, girl" is also at play.

Essentially any day now!!
Better learn to relax (and rest) while I can.

(deep breaths)

~image via buy-her, photos by b, image via make it do & pinterest~

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