Monday, March 12, 2012

Interesting baby reads

Blown out vagina.
Sorry for the crudeness of this sub-title,
but let's face it, unless you have huge hips and a cavernous vagina,
such that your baby just flies out,
(and I sure as heck do not),
that is what happens after you squeeze a watermelon out of your little cooch.

Funny, yet not so funny at all, my sweet little one!
A I come to terms with what is about to happen to my lady bits,
I found this post {HERE} regarding care for your said "blown out vagina"
both terrifying, helpful, and oddly hilarious.
Note:  I already stocked up on Tucks pads.

Bringing up Bebe
Is French parenting style superior?
This article {HERE} has certainly piqued my interest.
Thinking about ordering this book for my post-partum reading pleasure.

I mean, who wants one of those rambunctious, ill-behaved, spoiled little brats you see running around in public like they own the place?!  Eeek. Not me!
My children are going to be little saints.  Obvi.

Weaning and Depression.
I will freely and sadly admit that I had not heard of this phenomenon.
While (thankfully) post-partum depression has been getting appropriate attention, I think this is equally important! As someone who plans to breastfeed, I am grateful I came across a beautiful and heartfelt personal story over at Cup of Jo.

Happy reading!
I hope you learned something new.

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  1. Update: Bought the book, 30% off, yesterday! Can't wait to get reading...