Saturday, March 10, 2012

I passed!

Do you know any board certified acute care nurse practitioners?
Yes, yes you do....ME!!!

I'll be busy celebrating...
All. Weekend. Long.

Night on the town with friends and family?
Blood orange "mocktail" at the Hi Hat Lounge! Yum.

N/A champagne and wine?!
Read:  That does NOT taste like sugary grape juice AND has actually won "gold medal" awards in competition with regular, full-alcohol wines.
Say whaaaaaaat?!
More importantly, why is it that I made this wondrous discovery so late in the pregnancy game?!
Here me fellow preggos:  Put down that nasty O'Doul's and read more about these amazing finds {HERE}.

Note to self:  Stock up for the "next time" and buy for any of my besties who announce they are with child - STAT!

"Spa" Mani/ home!
Heavy on the bubble soaking and exfoliating. :)

Thinking about going "mint" on the's all the rage this spring!
What do you think? Too Easter eggy?

Indulgent treats!
(Hey, I've earned it.)
I'm looking at you, McDonald's Shamrock Shake...mixed half-and-half with chocolate.
Oh yes, they customize.

And I'm LOVING the ease and (decadence) of this 3-ingredient, coffee mug "gooey chocolate cake"!  Recipe {HERE}.

Speaking of "shamrocks"...possibly taking in Saturday's
St. Patrick's Day Parade!
It's supposed to be nice and, my Irish baby likes to party.

Increased snuggle time and laziness with the huzz!
....without feeling guilty that I'm not brushing up on the latest evidence-based practice treatments for the various types of cellulitis.

But more importantly,
here's the take-home message of this post, my friends:

Get some!
It feels GREAT.
(Hopefully I can instill this work ethic into all future offspring.)

Thanks for your support, loves!
Especially to my patient, ever-supportive husband.
And to my parents for putting up with my venting phone calls.
I couldn't have done it without you!

~photos by b / images via pinterest, Ariel, Mc Donald's, Babble, pinterest x 2~

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