Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday favorite things

Ponchos, spring-style.
I'm talking creamy, cashmere deliciousness for those crisp early spring days.
I'll take this one, please:

(Now if only I knew where it were from!)

Monochromatic, over-sized art.
I especially love this idea in blue hues.
Cases in point:

(Hey if you're not lucky enough to live right on the water,
why not make yourself delusional?)

Pretty scents for small spaces.

Thinking I might like my closet (and  all it's contents) to smell like this.
Roses + Black currant
Classy without smelling like an old lady!
Perhaps it'd mask any malodorous scents from post-baby days sans-showers?!
(Plus I have a gift certificate, so I wouldn't feel too guilty about the price.)

Dark chocolate ice cream.  

This one appears to be on the super creamy side.  Yummo!
I had a taste of dark chocolate ice cream via Milwaukee's Purple Door Creamery
at the Yelp "Brew City Bash" a couple weeks ago.
But here's a recipe I can make at home, sans the ice cream maker!
{HERE} via Cafe Fernando by way of Cup of Jo.

"11 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life"

There isn't anyone I know who couldn't benefit from at least one of these tips.

TGIF, m'dears!
And happy weekend to you!

~images via 9to5chic, belle maison, pinterest, Nordstrom, cup of jo, & marc and angel hack life,

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