Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things I'm loving right now

ECOVER - the best liquid cleaner for the dishwasher EVER.
I am obsessed.
No streaks.  Sparkly clean.  Good for the earth.
What's not to love?!?

The "grapefruit and green tea" scent is subtle and clean.
I buy mine at Whole Foods,
but word on the street is that Walgreens carries this brand, too.  Holla!
{Link to coupons HERE.}
You will never go back to powdery Cascade.  Seriously.
Curious about trying their other products!

Eggnog shakes from Culvers.

Holy deliciousness!
And I don't even like eggnog.
It tastes like a fancy vanilla shake,
with subtle hints of nutmeg and other Christmas-y spices.
Seriously, you must try!
And don't even think about checking the nutrition information.
After all:

Baking soda.
Is that weird?  I guess not when you're mid-move and cleaning a lot.
Remember my post about this?
Well, I have tested it several times firsthand and yep, it works fabulously.
Now I'm thinking about trying this:

This preggo sure wouldn't mind a little California girl glow, just like LC.

DIY re-usable coffee sleeves.

I not only think these would make adorable stocking stuffers,
but using one would also make me feel much less guilty/more green
about that Starbucks purchase.
Click {HERE} for the how-to.

Skinnies with heels.

If only I could pull this look off right now...

What things are you loving this minute?

~Images via Ecover, Culvers, pinterest~

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