Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eddie Ross Holiday Wreath

Today I bring you an elegant and easy holiday DIY.
Exhibit 1:
Our front door...

Inspired by the ever-crafty Eddie Ross...

His tutorial called for 80 (gasp!!) ornaments.
I only had about 30.  And some ribbon.
But that didn't stop me!
(I personally think mine turned out adorable...and you wouldn't notice had you not seen the original masterpiece.  Right?)
And I made it in about 20 minutes!

Here's the rest of the place, all spruced up for the holiday...

It's hard to tell with the lighting,
but I just love how the red & gold of the wreath pop against the wine-colored door.
(Almost appropriate enough to leave up through Valentine's Day, no?)

Here's the theme song for our lovable (mini) fake tree(s)...

(Next year, without a move to occupy our time and energy,
we will do better - I promise.)
But it's cozy and festive, nonetheless.  I LOVE our new home!

Not to mention we will have a nearly 9-month old baby boy come next Christmas!!
How freaking exciting is that?!
The holidays will never be the same again.

~Image via eddie ross/photos by b~

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