Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry "Mix"-mas!

This year, as you will see, I have mostly been in an oldies mood.
Jazzy & bluesy, if you will.
With a bit of contemporary mixed in.
And my husband's consistently been rockin' "Frank Sinatra Holiday" on Pandora.

(Note: It took MUCH restraint not to tack on "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"
by N'SYNC.  God, I love that song...)

Most of these songs make me want to tap my feet and sing along.
(Uplifting numbers make cookie-baking and gift-wrapping so much more fun!)

Some are sexy.
And make me want to waltz around the living room with the huzz.

And then there's the few that make me want to cry...
as I sit alone in a big empty house, waiting for the huzz to return from work,
with only the Christmas lights on,
missing loved ones who have passed on, and who made the holidays oh so special
in years past.

Regardless of the sentiment, I love  this mix.

It will probably make its way into some of your gift bags.
So, I hope you love it, too!

~Image via a+b~

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