Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Style watch

Prepare yourself for a barrage of random looks.
(I currently feel schizophrenic in my love for fashion.  What can you do?)

First and foremost,
I am so in love with this coat.
The detailing is so feminine and chic!

This sweet little gem from Madewell also has me swooning...

Hello, pop of color perfection.

How adorable, yet slightly edgy, is this cropped jacket?!

And who doesn't love chic, cozy layers?!

I adore the pairing of this red skirt + funky blouse + gold jewelry!

And, this black skirt + funky blouse.

Maybe I just need a funky blouse?
(P.S. I just said blouse 3 times.)

And maybe a pair of leather leggings...too much?

Who says winter needs to be drab?

~Images via ModCloth, Madewell, pinterest & this time tomorrow~

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