Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday funnies

Here is what I'm finding absolutely hilarious today.

I dedicate this quote to the huzz, who can relate...
it ain't easy driving a fart (hoping to mask any stench) into your office cubicle seat,
but somebody's gotta do it.

For anyone who's ever tried/considered Bikram ("hot") yoga,
read this Craigslist ad.  I freaking died laughing.

Then, if you haven't had enough, watch this.
Hilarious "Underwear Horoscopes".

I think am peeing.
She does weekly posts.
Kind of reminds me of My Drunk Kitchen...
Note to self:  Must check these out more often!

And finally, how I feel when I'm wearing regular, non-maternity pants these days:

(I don't know what that guy's excuse is.)


~Images via pinterest~

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