Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Nothing says 2 years of happy holy matrimony like
pretty flowers and pig perfection.

The Publican.
Fulton Market, Chicago.

Best beer of the night, hands down:

So smooth and delicious...and 9.8% alcohol is not joking around.

I thought the "country" vibe was kitschy cute -
from the flatware & serveware, to the decor, down to the server's gingham shirts.

After the chef's selection of oysters (that were all good),
we indulged in the "taste of hams" with bread and goat butter -
Serrano, Virgina, and Iowa specialties.  
All tasty...and salty.
(If I checked, I probably have residual cankles and pitting edema this morning.)

This pic below is (obvi) not of us, but conveys the ever-popular, family-style dining.
We had a light and fresh crudo,
frites with organic (slightly overcooked) fried eggs,
barbecue pork belly,
(probably the best preparation of belly I've ever had),
and topped things off with a cool and creamy banana semifreddo
with pecan streusel and milk chocolate.

While I thought portions were small and prices pretty steep,
and that a little air conditioning would have gone a long way
(Enter pun: We were sweating like pigs),
when I write my yelp review, 
Bonus points for attentive service,
purse storage under the chairs,
and personal Dyson Airblades & C.O. Bigelow Lime & Coriander goods in the biff.

Good times with the huzz were had!
Would I go back?
Maybe for that Three Philosophers and pork rinds at happy hour.
Or, when pig's fly.

~Images via b, The Publican, Chicago Mag, Cheadlefamily.org~

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