Saturday, July 16, 2011

Banana pancakes

A fitting song for a delicious weekend breakfast.

Photo from a lazy Saturday last week.
Alex said it was the best pancake he has ever eaten!
I think that is one bold statement.
(Maybe that's why he felt inclined to throw a picture of himself into my shot.)

How to make them you ask?
Simply add rotten super ripe bananas (2-3) to your favorite boxed pancake mix.
I used "Krusteaz Wheat & Honey" brand.
(Anything that sounds like the word "crusty" is a horrible brand name, in my opinion. But if you can get past the verbiage, do give Bisquick a rest and try this.)

Add a pinch of salt (to bring out the flavors),
and cinnamon and vanilla extract, to taste.
Griddle up as usual.
Then, top with diced strawberries and a little Aunt J.
(Real maple syrup is far superior, but let's face it,
sometimes you're on a budget and Aunt Jamima will do in a pinch.)

I like to add other things to my pancake batter as well.
Favorites include Nutella, blueberries, nuts, and mini chocolate chips.

Even if you're making pancakes just for yourself (or for two),
go ahead and whip up a big batch.
Freeze the leftovers
and cook them in the toaster for a quick breakfast during the week...
of for an even lazier Saturday morning in the future.


~photo by b~


  1. If I would've known the mix was called crusty's I might not have tried it!

  2. Wrong, that's probably WHY you liked it!