Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today's post goes out to the huzz on our special day.
7-Eleven, baby.

Just a couple of weirdos who happened to "get each other good"...
7.5 years (2 of wedded bliss! ) later,
This video pretty much sums it all up!

(P.S.  This was my first attempt at Windows movie making.
Pardon the poor quality of photo, especially towards the end.
Not sure what happened?
Here's a hot tip:
The video doesn't freeze/buffer and the pics look best if you keep it small.)

Regardless of the level of my technical savviness,
the sentiment remains the same:
I love me some Alex.
And I'm pretty sure he loves him some B.

This homemade "card" and a night out at The Publican are on the agenda.

Cheers to love
and 100 more years of
friendship, laughter, & stars in our eyes!

~photo & video by b~

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