Friday, July 22, 2011

Bon Iver

In the past, he'd occasionally pop up on my Pandora.
In a recent Vanity Fair (read: the one with Wills + Kate),
I was reminded of how AWESOME this fella from the home state is!
(That's right, peeps.  He's originally from Eau Claire, WI.  Boom.)

Justin Vernon coined the name Bon Iver circa 5 years ago.
It's a French pun on bon hiver (good winter),
because that's when he retreated to his native Wisconsin
post- major life drama,
and spent the "good winter" in Fall Creek writing his kick ass new album(s).

You Tube stinks in that they have limited new Bon Iver shit.
Hence, you will just have to enjoy this old Bonnie Rait cover:
(Adele's version ain't bad either.)

He's playing at the Chicago Theater Sunday night.
I'm pissed that I just realized this now...always slow on the uptake.
I also just realized he kind of looks like a bearded Andy Samberg.
Hmmm...odd visual. Still love him.

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