Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Bday, baby bro!

Can you believe my little brother turned 27 yesterday?!
Wait.  I thought I was 27.  No?
Eeeks.  I feel old balls!

So handsome and funny, that C$.
Hope this year is filled with nothing but the best for him!

We've been in La Crosse, WI celebrating all weekend.
Here are the CliffsNotes...
  (with this as your soundtrack, seeing as Hall & Oates got a lot of airtime over the past few days!)

The "Lil D" basketball tourney...
It was literally 106 degrees under blazing sunshine,
a.k.a. the whole environment smelled like sweaty penis.
I awoke Friday evening to Colin and Alex DESTROYING my Royal Wedding mags
to create a Royal Wedding themed tournament bracket.  The nerve!
After a tough early loss, Alex (last year's champ) & his partner worked their way up through the "Commoners" bracket to play against Colin in the championship game for the 3rd year in a times!

P.S.  My honey needs some sun, don't you think?
I didn't realize I was married to Captain of the Pale Force.
At least he's in the running to star in Powder 2.
Just kidding, my love! ;)
(Revenge for the pics he took of me playing Buck Hunter!)

Birthday dinner celebration...
After a few Leinie's Summer Shandy's & Schlitz Tall Boys
and a couple heated rounds of Catch Phrase,
we hit up Three Rivers Lodge in downtown La X,
where things like cheese curds, walleye burgers, & walnut balls were consumed
and "Happy Birthday" was sung (to the b-day boy's displeasure.)

There was a Danish wedding going on next door which provided amusement
during bathroom breaks.

...the merriment continued throughout the night
at Dublin Square and The Stateroom!
I swear, it is possible to get rip-roaring drunk on $10 in this town.
This is a good thing while the debauchery is occurring,
but a very, very, BAD thing come the following morning.
The fuzziness of these photos sum it up pretty darn well.

A berfday for da books, brotha - hope you enjoyed it!

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