Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Glass castles

I am fascinated by transparent homes.

Beautiful, yet slightly frightening, to me.
I mean, I just don't want the neighb's seeing me do my everyday business.
Imagine their horror, watching me struggle through a P90X Plyometrics routine?
Eeegads - not pretty.
Or, watching Alex and I guzzle down take-out Indian thali?
While I hate a Peeping Tom just as much as the next guy,
I probably love natural light even more.
Check out these see-through abodes...

Home in Campus Bay, South Africa:

Master suite in Carmel, CA:

Glass-walled house on the Left Bank in Paris:

And this French Polynesian bathroom over the ocean is pretty bomb-dizzle:
(At least until a snorkeler goes swimming by and views my Spanish butt scar.)

Cool? Or no?

~Images via Sunsurfer~

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