Saturday, July 23, 2011

B & W

Black and white.
While I like my photos this way,
I otherwise typically find this color combo capital B boring.

I'd also be lying if I said this doesn't immediately pop into my head:
(C'mon, you know you agree.)

That is one trippy ass video.

These rooms, however, may have me convinced
that a palate of b&w can actually be quite stunning.

First up? Living rooms.
(I think the pops of color, whether in floral arrangements or art,
really help round out these rooms.)

This black slate farmer's sink is pretty damn drool worthy:

(P.S.  Is a ghost washing that eggplant?)

But perhaps my favorite black and white application is in the dining room...

The especially dig the white capiz chandelier is this bedroom:

On a final note, 
kudos to you if you can complete these MJ lyrics for me:
"I took my baby on a Saturday ____________ ."
'Cuz I honestly have no clue.
Bang? Bend?
Do tell.

(Disclaimer: The other photo was collected for my own home inspiration files and I do not know its source of origin.
If you know, please inform me & I will correctly cite!)

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