Thursday, May 21, 2015

To lob or not to lob?

That is the question.
I've been debating whether or not to chop my long locks for weeks.
Summer is on the horizon,
or at least it is by calendar (screw you, mother nature!).

Moreover, I'm feeling like Anne Hathaway crawling on the streets in Les Mis,
only someone would be doing me a favor by shaving my head.
I seriously look homeless most days.

Hence, the idea of the long bob, or "lob".,,,

Short enough to be a change from my current 'do,
long enough to still pull back as needed.

Style with texture spray and air dry on busy and/or humid summer days.
More "lob" styling tips {HERE}.

P.S.  Does a "lob" insinuate the need for a heinous duck face?
Ew.  I pray not.

Decisions, decisions!

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