Monday, May 11, 2015

Mama Mondays : Mother's Day recap

The weather may have been dismal and dreary,
but another lovely Mother's Day it was!
Started the morning being showered in sweet, sentimental gifts...

Hand-crafted tote by Alex
(who also inquired when "little boys' day" is...ha!
That would be every other day of the year, honey.)

Hand-painted flower pot by Vinny (he's a minimalist)

And lots of sweet surprises from the huzz, including my coveted initial necklace!

Then, it was time for Chuggington Live.
I know, I know....where's the fancy brunch and "mom-osas", you ask?
C'mon, Disney.  Get your shit together.
BUT...the kids absolutely LOVED it!  
Watching them smile, clap, and dance to the music was priceless,
and far better than any crowded, over-priced brunch.

We followed that up with an indoor picnic of Kopp's deliciousness
and snuggles on the couch.

These two little boys, who make being a "mom", so very wonderful,
are growing in the blink of an eye.
They truly are.
One quote that has really rung true for me as of late is this:

Some days, their energy and sense of adventure run me ragged.
There are days so jam-packed with activities that I cannot wait for bed time to roll around.
But time just keeps ticking by...tick tock, tick tock...

Today, I will drop off my oldest at preschool (preschool?! still in shock!)
Next week, I'll be packing up all the 12 month clothes for storage.

Sometimes, as mothers, as parents,
we really do just need to just drop everything
and immerse ourselves in the wonder and amazement
of watching our children grow and learn and play
as they become tiny people right before our eyes.
Because they will be big people before we know it.

So lucky to have the best mom and so many great "motherly figures" in my life
to support and inspire me each and every day.
And so proud to call these two little ragazzi my own!

Hope your Mother's Day Weekend was just as lovely!

~ photos by bits of breezy / quote image via

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