Friday, May 29, 2015

The Friday Five

This song is relatively new, but sounds rather old and familiar, no?

Spring layers
It's finally time for beachy hair, sunglasses, white!, fun sandals, and cute statement jackets.
Yes to all of it!

Mrs. Meyers' "Radish" Scent
I just bought a giant jug of this all-purpose cleaner because:
a. I found the springy scent to be ridiculously clean-smelling
b. No harsh chemicals
c. It was 25% off on the Target Cartwheel app!
You can also get it {HERE}.

Espelt "Corali"
Another notable (and affordable!) rose`!
Dry, slightly fruity, but not at all too sweet.
Try it!

"Forest Mondays"
Did you happen to hear this amazing piece on NPR's All Things Considered ?
One of my favorite things about our son's preschool is their "outdoors"curriculum, from the children's own garden to field trips to catch butterflies to painting with daisies in the outdoor classroom.  We also love exploring our very own yard looking at all the birds' nests and searching for frogs and worms.  So Forest Mondays, Woodsy Wednesdays, Weekends in the Wild - whatever you want to call them! - sign me up and let's get those kiddos outdoors A.S.A.P.!

And a few more fun links, just because...

More rose` wines to try this summer (Because I just. can't. stop.)

...which would pair remarkably well with this beautiful quinoa salad.

The legal age you can leave your kids at home (by state).  Interesting!

This before-and-after home renovation is just to die.

This towel collection is adorable and perfectly fit for a guest bath.

This is a valid threat...and also made me LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend, m'loves!

~images via, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, / photo by bits of breezy~

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