Friday, May 1, 2015

The Friday Five

Here's what's good this week, m'loves...

Local music
Namely, the band Phox from Baraboo, WI.
We have a set of free tix to Summerfest this year.  Throw in a couple of brews under the summer stars, and I'm thinking a night of Phox and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes sounds like a fun (cheap) date night to me.
Here's one of my favorites from them:

Dutch braids + Low messy bun
A.k.a. my new go-to 'do when my hair is too crazy to wear down.
A.k.a. pretty much everyday.

Guilhem Rose`
Rose` is the new white.
Bone dry, crisp, refreshing, affordable (~$8.99/bottle), spring-in-a-glass.
Need I say more?  Are you listening to me Lisa Vanderplump?
Get some at your local grocer, or here.

Tiny Beautiful Things
Straight from the "Dear Sugar" advice column by Cheryl Strayed, this book is comprised of short snippets of wisdom even a busy mom like me can find time to read.  (Short snippets = I can read one or two today and then not pick it up for 2 weeks.)  I feel like every woman should own this book because each piece of advice is either directly applicable to you or someone you know.
Grab a Kleenex box.  Be inspired.

Birthday cake popcorn
Funfetti meets popcorn.
Salty, sweet, and so addicting.
Make this for your next gathering!

And a few more fun links, just because...

The #1 question to ask before getting married.

Adorable cutting boards.

How to win any argument (watch out, world!)

The back of this dress is super sexy, no?

Crushing on these hoop earrings in gold.

Have you seen this Mother's Day commercial yet? I was crying just seconds in.

Have a great weekend!

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