Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mama Mondays : Normalize breastfeeding

It's Tuesday, but whatever.
Feels like a Monday!

Did you see this controversial cover of Elle Australia last week?
It prompted a #normalizebreastfeeding craze.

I thought it was a beautiful photo, probably the most glamorous shot of breastfeeding out there.  This super model mommy looks so gorgeous, happy, and relaxed which is nice to see in a time when women feel the need to "cover up" when breastfeeding in public.

 I imagine myself to have looked just as stunning while feeding my babies, when in actuality, my breastfeeding magazine cover would have looked something akin to this:

...mismatched pajama attire, unkempt hair, no make-up, generally tired-on-the-brink-of-crazy appearing whilst being accosted by little sharp fingernails.
You know, very "mom"-esque.

But, thankfully, nowhere near as bad as this:

(Still one of the funniest breastfeeding pieces I've ever come across.)

Breastfeeding is such a normal and integral part of motherhood for so many.  It truly is such a natural process and such a bonding experience, which I can fully glean from looking at that perfect photo of a mother and son.  I wish more publications would be ballsy enough to do more pieces like this (and actually leave them on the shelves) for all of us breastfeeding mamas to read.

My breastfeeding days, public or otherwise, are currently on hiatus.
Instead, we spent our time being silly zoo-goers today where I've moved from
a first-time mom who clumsily and prudishly attempted to cover up with my "hooter hider" on the most discreet bench around to a mom who attempted to publicly breastfeed wherever possible whilst watching a runaway toddler to currently a mom who attempts to chase after two adventurous toddlers and coral them (along with stroller, diaper bags, etc.) into "a" toilet stall the instant I hear a little voice shout "my potty's comin' out!" and pray that one's potty actually makes it into the toilet without the other one touching something completely disgusting.  Whew!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

~ images via Elle Australia on Yahoo & the sassy curmudgeon / photos by bits of breezy ~

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