Monday, October 15, 2012

This is not my first rodeo.

Oh, wait.   Crap.  Yes, it kind of is.

Enter:  Day 1 of new job.  My first  NP job.

...mantras to myself.

Along with this:

I can do this.
My baby will survive.
He will flourish!
Millions of strong moms do this every single day.
This is the best thing for my family...and for me.
5 o'clock Friday will be here before I know it.


And in case he asks someday,
be sure to tell my son how hard it was for me to leave him this morning,
the almost embarrassing amount of tears I cried,
about how much I'll miss our days together,

Wish me luck.
(I've got lives to save!)

~images via pinterest~

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