Monday, October 8, 2012

6+ months old!

So, I am late in this post.
Weeks late, in fact.
But life has been busy and I didn't forget!

Here's what our now 28 week old little dude has been up to...

Stats at 6-month check-up:

16 pounds 2 oz (30th percentile)
26.5 inches (60th percentile)
Long and lean, just like daddy!           

Lots of light brown hair, and
eyes still bright blue...looks as though they're here to stay?

(Grandma Terry, Grandpa Don, & Uncle Matt can rejoice.)

Still a breastfeeding champ, but now also eating solids!

Loves butternut squash.  Hates peaches with a passion.

Also really digs my homemade sweet potatoes, peas, avocados, pomegranates, apples, pears, prunes, carrots, mangoes, bananas, and brown rice cereal.   (I hope this means that he will enjoy my cooking down the road as well!)

Loves tummy time and (attempting) to roll over.
We will even catch him sleeping on his tummy...

...though he remains a side-sleeper to the core!

Sits up with minimal assist.


Continues to love standing/jumping and has perfected his bouncing methods!

Fine motor skills coming along nicely...

Feet are super fun.  (And apparently tasty.)

Logged his first fever (albeit low-grade)...with a stuffy nose to boot. 
(With my allergies, it was genetically inescapable...yet still awful to watch as a mom!  With daycare looming on the horizon, I foresee many nights like these this winter.  Germ theory, I keep telling myself, germ theory - it will ultimately be a good thing!)  Poor little bean...

First vacation!  (To celebrate Mema's retirement!)
9-18-2012 through 9-23-2012 
Hayward, WI

First Badger game!  (To celebrate G'ma Terry's birthday!)
10-6-2012 vs. Illinois
Even dressed as a Baby Bucky!

I imagine it to only be a short while
before we have a completely mobile baby...and a talkative one at that!
Oh, what big changes occur during this first year of life...
and half of that year has already come and gone!
Unbelievable.  Amazing, but unbelievable.
Truly a miracle to watch unfold right before our very eyes!

We love you, little much that our hearts are overflowing.
We can't wait to see what these next months have in store for you! 

~photos by b~

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