Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No-carve pumpkins

I came across some great "no-carve" ideas {HERE}.
My favorites?

Festive ribbons
Find ribbons in black, white, and orange motifs...then simply affix with double-sided tape for a chic look!  Bonus:  Simply remove the ribbon and continue to use your mini-pumpkins on your Thanksgiving tablescape.

Use painters' tape to plot out patterns, then spray away with white, black, and/or gold spray paint!  Group together for your own stylish pumpkin patch.

Unfortunately, I have no photo of this last fabulous idea,
but my mom loves to tie faux leaves onto the stem with green and brown raffia.
SO cute.  I keep telling myself to try this one year!

What are your favorite no-carve pumpkin tricks?

~images via delish~

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