Friday, October 12, 2012

The Friday Five

Matt Nathanson
I heard this song while picking up some pre-farmers' market coffees at Espresso Royale last weekend, and I was reminded of how much I like him.

Assorted frames in varying sizes.
Loving these on a mantle, console or entryway table, and/or shelf!
A look that appears effortlessly styled.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair
Holy crappers.  Those Italians sure know a lot about bambinos.
For one, I love this "high chair" because it is portable...easy to assemble/disassemble and cart to restaurants and Grandma's house alike.  I also love the notion of instilling the importance of everyone eating dinner together at the table from an early age.  Maybe this is why Italian babies are so well-behaved at restaurants??(I'm sure, eventually, to keep with this notion, I will splurge on the Tripp Trapp or OXO Sprout, but for now, this is "the" high chair for me!  A steal at ~$50!)

L'oreal Power Volume 24 Hour Mascara
Especially for contact lens wearers.  No more irritating flaking!
I did not buy waterproof, but that is also an option.
Only $6.99 at drugstores.
I love my Diorshow and Bare Esscentuals, but that -ish gets expensive, especially since it is recommended to get a new tube every 6 months.  One coat leaves you with long, full lashes.  Two coats = no need for falsies.  I think we have a winner!

99 Ways to Simplify Life with Kids

Some moms really have it together, no?
I think my favorite is "Don't expect perfection from them...or from yourself!"
Amen, sista.

And a few more links, just for f-u-n...

Loving these affordable maxi dresses over at Modern Vintage Boutique.

Mitt Romney Style (a Gangnam Style parody) - {HERE}!

7 treadmill workouts for all fitness levels.

Free, customized garden plans based on where you live.

20 easy soup recipes - perfect for fall and winter.

What an adorable checkered shirt...with bows!

A (slightly daunting) D.I.Y. for amazing hanging tiered plants.

This is too true funny.  And so is this.

Have yourselves a kick-ass weekend!

~images via ats, amazon, & the complete guide to imperfect homemaking~

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