Thursday, October 4, 2012

School lunch strategies

(Or, work lunch strategies.)

Ala Martha Stewart!
These ideas give "brown bagging it" a complete makeover.

I am particularly fond of the following ideas,
which would work for little fingers AND daddy fingers alike!

This one is especially easy...
(LOVING the combo of roasted veggies + hummus!)

What high school girl wouldn't be all over this...

Fun shapes = kids eat veggies they wouldn't otherwise eat.  Fact.

Or how about these amazing lunch ideas from Better Homes & Gardens, based on standard dinner leftovers...
Leftover Chicken
Toss shredded chicken with pineapple, orange segments, and/or onions...almonds and/or toasted coconut.  Dress with lime juice and a little mayo.  Eat with tortilla chips! 

Brown Rice
Combine rice with apple, cheddar or blue cheese, and ham.  Drizzle with cider vinegar and olive oil.  Top with toasted walnuts!  Instant grain salad.

Green Beans
Toss beans with bacon, corn, cherry tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs.  Mix with ranch dressing or lemon juice and olive oil.  A twist on the classic Cobb!

And finally, from Good Housekeeping, some tips for the much-needed lunch box add-in's (or, for a mid-morning or afternoon snack!)

Hope you were inspired by these ideas as much as I was!

In case you are itching for more, a Pinterest search will not let you down...
Or, click {HERE} for endless Bento box ideas!

Also, here is a neat little trick for D.I.Y./cheap ice packs for your lunch bag.
Made out of Cello sponges!
(Some people, I tell full of good ideas.)

Happy Lunching!

~images via martha stewart~

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