Monday, October 22, 2012

More peas, please.

 The babe likes peas.
I am thrilled!  Beside myself!
We might as well chalk this one up as a miracle.

Recipe via Baby Love.

All you need is 1.5 bags of frozen organic peas ($1.99 each at Whole Foods),
water, and a blender!

Then, voila! , 30+ 1-2 oz servings of fresh, bright green peas.

Once he's ~8 months old, I can't wait to try their recipe for "p.e.a."...
peas, edamame, and apples!
Protein, veg, and fruit all in one little nugget!

I urge you all to try making your own baby food.
Easy, economical, and wonderful knowing exactly what your little one's consuming!

I should also note that this recipe could double as adult food.  Namely, I think it would make for a killer sauce base for a grilled piece of white fish OR a delicious topping (with some feta) on crostini.  

~photos by b~

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