Friday, October 5, 2012

The Friday Five

Wow.  Can you believe it is already October?!
This year is just flying by.
Here's what's good this week...

Justin Timberlake
Can JT please quit acting in sub-par movies and make another damn album already?!  I've been patiently waiting for a few years now, thanks.  To calm my itch, I've been recently listening to the Haiti Earthquake Benefit performance of "Hallelujah" with fellow Mouseketeer Matt Morris on repeat...


Mid-century Modern Chairs
While not the most comfortable (aside from that Eames!),
I simply adore the architecture of mid-century modern furniture for the home.
Especially perfect for accent pieces!

Autumnal Fire beer
A doppelbock from Capital Brewery in Madison, WI.
I've already blogged about it this fall.
It's won awards.
It's only around for a few months.
It tastes like caramel-y, roasted nuts.
It only gets better with age.

Not gonna is hard to find, kinda pricey for a 4-pack, yet worth all the effort.
Try it tonight!

Maybelline's BABY LIPS
I am obsessed.
Tinted, moisturizing lip balms for about ~$2.
I proudly own one in every shade.

Faith, spirituality, religion...whatever you want to call it!
A family friend posted this on fb, and it got me really thinking...

If you could have today

only the things you thanked God for yesterday,

what would you have?

No matter how exhausted, we must always, always remember
to be thankful for the good in our lives!  And to pray.
So I'm curious, readers, no matter what your creed...what would you  have?

A few more fun links...

Shout out to a news anchor in my home town who stood up for herself and brought bullying to the national spotlight.  You go, girl!  (Seriously, that guy had NOTHING better to do?! What an ass hat.)

These might possibly be "the" perfect basic tees.

Finally!  A not-too-overpriced (and still stylish!) poof from CB2!

These little chocolate-dipped tea bag cookies are so stinkin' cute.
(Adapt the idea with your own shortbread recipe...unless you speak French.)

Tips on how to organize your paper clutter.

I think this fitted army coat is a fall must-have.

I would really like to attend an anthropologie craft night.  C'mon MKE!

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, and this letter to oneself is a great spirit booster!

This is just plain silly...and so true. ;)


~images via flikr, capital brewery, target, & ~

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